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DSO and Group Practice Membership

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Dental Life Coach For DSOs and Multi-Location Practices

The happiest, healthiest, most successful dentists are those who are actively engaged in ongoing personal development.

Team members who are both lead by well coached dentists and engaged in team coaching are most impactful in their roles.

Provide The Missing Link
That Sets Your Organization Apart

Our results speak for themselves...just ask around! 

Dental Life Coach systems and tools, combined with an outstanding team of experienced, certified coaches, propel dentists and team members toward creating results that will have all eyes on your organization! 

value of dlc to dsos

Value of DLC to DSOS

Watch the video to see how creating the Dental Life you truly desire is within reach for every doctor!

The DSO And Group Practice Membership Has It All:

When you join DLC, your doctors get instant access to...

  • Entrepreneurial Intelligence for Dentists Course (mobile-friendly).
  • Access to live coaching calls on specific focus areas.
  • Monthly study topics with materials.
  • First access to additionally released courses and materials.  
  • Exclusive membership pricing for speaking events.

Members Learn

  1. To create increased awareness and perspective
  2. To process overwhelm, stress. and frustration
  3. To make healthier choices
  4. To generate intentional fuel
  5. To utilize powerful interpersonal relationship tools

Free Resource

Quick, Easy Solutions:

Dentists with entrepreneurial pursuits are drawn to success, freedom, and advancement. An organized mind is crucial to achieving these goals. It is not something you can gain by inspiration or desire alone, it must be strengthened and exercised daily.

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