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Transformation To Transformations

As the Founder and CEO of Dental Life Coach, Chelsea Myers has coached hundreds of clients individually and in group settings to facilitate personal and professional transformation enabling doctors to achieve their highest potential. She is an emotional intelligence expert deeply rooted in the dental industry. Chelsea is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. She also hosts the popular podcast for dentists: Dental Brain Crops With Chelsea Myers.

Chelsea Myers founder of Dental Life Coach and Host of the Dental Brain Crops podcast. keynote speaker

Chelsea's Journey To Discover The Power Of Mindset

When Chelsea was 15 years old, she came home from school one day surprised to be greeted by her mom and uncle who were both normally still at work. Her delight was soon shattered when she was hit with the news that her dad had been in a fatal car accident that morning.

In an effort to distract from the pain, she became overly busy with work, school, and pursuits for her future.

“Everything seemed to change to slow motion and I thought I might feel the loss forever.”
“You can only go that fast, driven by an attempt to escape, for so long before you burn out.”

At the edge of burnout, she was reading a biography of a personal hero where a self-help book was referenced. She read that book and found the principles so impactful that she knew, without hesitation, that she wanted to devote her life to lift and help others.

Passion For Developing People

Having an aptitude for business, Chelsea graduated from a business finance program where she intended to manage and develop successful teams. She began her career leading projects at a Fortune 500 company and was recognized and awarded as an emerging leader. Though she was happy to help improve the company divisions she worked with, developing the professionals on the team was her passion.

Helping Dentists Create The Lives They Desire

It was while working with her second client that she fell in love with the dental community. She spent the next few years learning, designing, and refining tools as she helped entrepreneurial dentists thrive in their lives.

Mindset Coaching

Overhearing her coaching a team member on mindset, an executive on another team asked if he could learn what Chelsea was teaching. She worked with him over the next several weeks. Soon after, she received a phone call from a dentist friend of her colleague who also wanted coaching. That’s when Chelsea’s future became crystal clear. She felt called to spend her time facilitating personal and professional growth to dentists who wanted more out of life.

Dental Life Coach Comes To Life

Dental Life Coach serves DSOs and Group Practices by preparing their dentists for entrepreneurial positions. The membership program provides specialized training, resources, and ongoing support for their doctors.

What We Do For DSOs

Your Dentists' Lives

Becoming empowered to create the dental lives they truly desire

Your Dentists' Careers

Coaching and training to advance entrepreneurial intelligence

Your Dentists' Mindsets

Optimizing mental hygiene through practice, strategies, and tools

chelsea myers courses for dentists

DSO And Group Practices

Coaching and tools to facilitate the growth of healthy, happy doctors you can build a successful and predictable business and community around. At Dental Life Coach, dentists will access training and coaching to advance their personal and professional lives.

Solo-Dentist Membership

Coaching and tools to facilitate the growth, health, happiness, and success of solo entrepreneurial dentists.

Free Resource

4-Week Jumpstart To An Organized Mind

Dentists with entrepreneurial pursuits are drawn to success, freedom, and advancement. An organized mind is crucial to achieving these goals. It is not something you can gain by inspiration or desire alone, it must be strengthened and exercised daily.

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