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Founder and CEO Chelsea Myers built Dental Life Coach to help dentists and executives create the Dental Life they desire by mastering entrepreneurial intelligence, uncovering setbacks, and reprogramming limiting beliefs.

We offer transformative coaching, courses, and resources through our industry-specific DSO and Group Practice Membership Program.

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chelsea myers public speaker keynote speaker dental consultant dental podcast host black dress long hair executive coach leadership development phone consultation dental school keynote speaker

Developing Entrepreneurial Intelligence
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“Owning Your Leadership”

A lot of you come to us because you’ve hired leadership consultants, you’ve gone to trainings, you’ve studied materials and you tell me that even with all of that you’re still struggling. While there is a ton of value in leadership training, there’s a distinction between the training (and conceptually understanding something) and the adoption of it (the belief system that accompanies you becoming the leader you want to be). What you need to do is get really clear on the type of leader you want to be… (read the rest of this post)


"I hired Chelsea, as I wanted to take my practice to the next level after having achieved previous goals and "stalling" on the way forward.  Little did I realize that the coaching over the next eight weeks would be a rollercoaster ride - a journey of self-evaluation and improvement that would touch every facet of my life.  As I navigated the program, I saw my practice improve through better communication with my patients and staff - leading to increased productivity, but, more importantly, a more peaceful day with a happy staff.  Unexpectedly, I experienced the same transformation at home.  

Chelsea's coaching allowed me to develop skills that will carry me through a lifetime of continuous improvement.  If you want to uplift your practice, as well as everybody and everything around you, I cannot recommend Chelsea's program highly enough."

Dr. Waite

"Chelsea is a valuable partner for our firm. We are dental specific and have partnered with some of the best CPAs, banks, attorneys, realtors, ect. Chelsea brings something to the table that most of these other professionals cannot and that unfortunately dentists often learn about too late in their careers...BALANCE!!! Chelsea spoke at one of National dental school webinars last year to over 150 soon to be dental graduates, and was able to pass along valuable skills that will have a career lasting impact on them. I would encourage dentists at any point in their career to find a coach to help find this balance...the return on your investment will be invaluable."


"Chelsea is a wonderful person and awesome coach. She came out to our local dental society and gave us an incredible dinner and learn. Everyone was impressed by her. I highly recommend her if you are wanting to excel to that next level!"

Dr. Yurkovich

"I am so glad I came across your podcast! Wow and thank you!! It is so useful to have someone that understands the industry and how to help me learn a different way of feeling in my career rather than unappreciated and unimportant."

Dr. Lee

"I got coaching to help me accept that being a dentist meant I’d probably always feel a high level of negativity. I learned that things didn’t have to be that way. Now my life is filled with more happiness than I had ever thought possible."

Dr. B

"Every area of my life has improved since working with Chelsea. I’m more focused and productive and my personal life is even more fulfilling. Highly recommend."


"The content is designed for immediate and markable growth. I came to Dental Life Coach hoping to figure out how to be a better leader. I wasn’t expecting my personal development to transform my life the way that it has."

Dr. Tran

"Chelsea’s presentation was upbeat, informative and very well received by our clinicians. I wish I’d had this information when I was a young dentist. We will be inviting her out again!"

Dr. Anderson

"I’ve been through a lot over the years. I was worried about my future and felt like I couldn’t handle the stress of the dental profession. Sometimes I felt like an imposter and was worried others would notice. Getting training on my mindset and learning new ways of functioning has helped me to reframe the way I look at things. I feel better than I ever have! I know for sure that people are noticing that, because they comment on it at work and at home. I recommend Dental Life Coach and am so glad I found it."


"For obvious reasons, 2020 was a year of doubt and terror for me. I had team members leave and a shortage of replacement options, I had a near shut-down period followed by an influx that was almost impossible to handle, and the little energy I had left was spent marking up my defensive game book with little to show for it but a neglected spouse and a pillow that I barely slept on.  

I knew that this wasn't the way I wanted to keep going and a colleague sent me a link to the Dental Brain Crops podcast. When I heard Chelsea talk about my past, present and future self I felt pushed to learn more. Deciding to invest in coaching has changed my stance both professionally and personally. I am able to really focus now on the things I want to do and be because I'm not drowning in self-doubt anymore. This was one of the best things I've done for myself and for the people around me."

Dr. Patel

"I’d been working for the same company for two years. I’d gained a lot of experience, had positive relationships with my peers and leaders, and had a good handle on how things were run. I was so excited to be offered a long term position. I agreed without hesitation and had every hope of excelling in my new role. I had no idea what would be required of me to grow into a successful entrepreneurial dentist. I am so glad we have DLC through my work. I hope they always provide this benefit!"

Dr. Davis
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Dental Brain Crops

Podcast With Dental Life Coach CEO,
Chelsea Myers

As mental agility is developed, there is an increased ability to apply focus and energy on business development. Navigate common bottlenecks and find simple, applicable solutions to uplevel your experiences.

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