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Let DLC Help You Experience Health, Happiness, and Success. 

Entrepreneurship is a specialty within Dentistry.

If you’re hoping to maximize your personal potential, maximize your team’s potential, and reach your business’s potential, and you haven’t really taken the time to learn and master your own entrepreneurship, then you’re absolutely leaving health, happiness, and success on the table!

Chances are good that you’re facing an all-too-common dilemma: how to “crack the code” of entrepreneurial intelligence and create the life you truly desire. 

Maybe you worry about leading with confidence. You may struggle to communicate and connect with others effectively. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed and do not know where or how to start working towards your goals.  Do you find your stress and frustration get in the way of you creating the impact you know you are capable of?

Sadly, it’s easy to go about being a dental entrepreneur the wrong way. Developing the right mindset is critical to your well-being and vital to your success. Being a dental entrepreneur is a lifestyle, not merely an activity.

That’s why I created Entrepreneurial Intelligence for Dentists™. 

What You’ll Learn in Entrepreneurial Intelligence for Dentists™


With step-by-step modules and clear action items, Entrepreneurial Intelligence for Dentists™ is designed to help you experience steady, ongoing progress. I want you to have the dental life that you desire to have. That’s the goal, and I’m here to help you make that happen. 

Here’s What You Get with Entrepreneurial Intelligence for Dentists™

Performance Blueprint
Step-by-step, expert instruction from Entrepreneurial Intelligence expert Chelsea Myers. You’ll learn how to use the LMS (Learning Management System) content to support your short and long-term goals. 

Professionally Produced Interactive Video Course Content
Lifetime access to the LMS content means that you can work at your own pace and come back for a refresher at any time.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Chelsea Myers, founder of Dental Life Coach.  Entrepreneurial Intelligence has changed my life.

I designed Dental Life Coach to optimize the health, happiness, and success of dental entrepreneurs and executives. 

My career began at Wells Fargo Bank, where I discovered I had a true passion and talent for facilitating the growth of high-performers. As word spread, I received referrals from referrals asking for coaching. As luck would have it, some of my clients were dentists. 

I found I "clicked" with the dentists I was working with and helped them make real progress on their goals. I quickly fell in love with the dental community, and partnered with some dental practices and related businesses.

I continued coaching and spent the next few years learning, designing, and refining my coaching tools to best serve entrepreneurial dentists. 

If you've been struggling with your self-confidence, find stress in having difficult conversations, need help cultivating a resilient leadership mindset, or just find you are coming up short in your goals in health, happiness, and success... My Entrepreneurial Intelligence for Dentists™ LMS is for you!

Chelsea Myers founder of Dental Life Coach and Host of the Dental Brain Crops podcast. keynote speaker

Entrepreneurial Intelligence for Dentists™ was Built for Ambitious Dentists.

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Entrepreneurial Intelligence for Dentists™ LMS outline:

The LMS program contains both written and video coaching content with interactive lessons and instructional exercises that are carefully designed to provide the resources you need to succeed. 

To complement the learning environment, we have ensured the content and video are of professional quality.

Chelsea Myers founder of Dental Life Coach and Host of the Dental Brain Crops podcast.

My Promise & Disclaimer to You

Hi. Chelsea Myers, founder of DLC.

If you are open to finding it, you will discover the unique and valuable opportunity you have to learn exactly what you need to know to transform your life.

What you will get out of this LMS program will be directly correlated with the time, thoughtfulness, and consistency that you put into them.

Simply put, my work works. If you dedicate yourself to the coursework, you will have the tools needed to have the dental life you truly desire.

All testimonials posted are real and valid but are not guarantees that you will obtain the same results.

I believe everything is rigged in our favor, and if there is something we desire, we can achieve it. If you feel we are a good fit and are ready to put in the effort, then let's get started.


When does the coursework start and finish?
The LMS is a true self-paced system. You may start anytime and work through the content at a pace that works best for you. Take as long as you like. There is no time limit for completion. 

How long will I have to access the LMS?
Your purchase of Entrepreneurial Intelligence for Dentists™ secures lifetime access to its content. 

Can I retake the LMS after I complete it?
Yes, you have lifetime access to Entrepreneurial Intelligence for Dentists™. We encourage you to revisit the content often. 

How do I access the LMS modules?
Log in to the DLC Leadership Academy LMS by clicking the link emailed to you after enrolling. LMS videos are unavailable for download and must be viewed through the learning management system (LMS). Some items, such as worksheets, will be available for download.

What skills will this teach me?
Entrepreneurial Intelligence for Dentists™ will give you the rules, tools, and strategies that will help you develop your entrepreneurial intelligence. You will master the critical skill of self-coaching and increase your ability to lead and communicate with confidence. You will understand how to approach obstacles and work through challenges to realize your goals. 

What equipment/tools will I need to access and complete the LMS?
Access to a computer, tablet, or mobile device, internet access (with speeds that can handle video), and an email account. Equally important to complete the LMS, you will need an open mind and determination to make changes. 

How do I enroll and pay for my access to the LMS?
Click on the “Enroll Now” button on this bottom page or on the course/LMS pages on our website. You will then be directed to an enrollment page where you may create an account and then enroll and purchase the LMS. We accept most major credit and debit cards. 



What do I do If I need help?
For questions about your billing or accessing the LMS materials, email info@dentallife.coach.

Should you wish to accelerate your progress we offer one-on-one coaching through our Advanced Coaching option. Please send inquiries to info@dentallife.coach.

Develop Your Entrepreneurial Intelligence the Right Way.

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