Owning your leadership

Owning Your Leadership

Owning Your Leadership

Be a leader

A lot of you come to me because you’ve hired leadership consultants, you’ve gone to trainings, you’ve studied materials and you tell me that even with all of that you’re still struggling. While there is a ton of value in leadership training, there’s a distinction between the training (and conceptually understanding something) and the adoption of it (the belief system that accompanies you becoming the leader you want to be). 

Whenever we set out to do something we’ve never done before we know upfront that we’ve never done it before. That’s important to point out because you seem to forget that A LOT, as you’re trying to do the new things you’re trying to do. My clients will tell me things like, “I don’t know how to direct my team effectively,” “I wasn’t taught x-y-z in dental school…” 

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Honoring Your Calendar

Honoring Your Calendar Brings Results

Honoring your calendar brings results

Cool Winter Day

Hear me out, this does relate to honoring your calendar. In the midwest United States, it’s pretty chilly. It’s beautiful! I went outside this morning, (and this is an excellent segway to our topic today) I stepped out on my front porch and just enjoyed the early morning silence and the beauty of nature all around me. 

It was funny because there were two squirrels climbing up and down one of my trees. I noticed they were the loudest things out there at that time. I enjoy that time. Breathing fresh air, getting some Vitamin D, are things that I schedule into my day outside of other activities.

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