Perfectionism – When Things Aren’t Perfect

Perfectionism- when things aren’t perfect What to Do When Things Aren’t Perfect… In our last blog we talked about some aspects of perfectionism. We discussed our brains and how they were designed to be efficient tools for all generations, including those who lived many many years before us.  In those earlier times, the brain was … Read More

Perfectionism – Everything Must Be Perfect

Everything must be perfect all of the time, right. Of course not. Some of the qualities that are characteristic of great doctors, are ones that can also cause challenges: Perfectionism- Compulsive attention to detail. High expectations of self and others… These can and do tend to creep into areas of a physician’s life where they … Read More

Choose to Be Curious

CHOOSE TO BE CURIOUS It’s your choice, you realize that right? I was thinking about what I wanted to share about my coaching programs what kept coming to my mind was… you! I’ve been coaching for several years now and I first want to say that I truly love – all of you! My general dentists, my … Read More